Some kind of short FAQ

 - Q: Where I am in the rating? Why I can see my friends but there is no me!
 - A: We do not show those shooters who has less than 2 matches Level III in their history. We need to aggregate several matches. In fact, even 2-3 matches are not enough. So, the higher match count each shooter has - the more trust in his/her ranking.

 - Q: Why I can't see Blake Miguez in Standard? He won WS!
 - A: His result is 2 years old at the moment, and after WS there were no other matches where he competed in Standard division. All too old results will be expired with time if they will not be updated with following matches. But you can see his results in Limited division.

 - Q: Which matches are used in calculations?
 - A: For IPSC we process only Level III, IV and V matches. For USPSA we process all "Major matches" as they shown on website.

 - Q: Where is Classic/Single stack?
 - A: We are working on it. This class was opened after the WS. So, it is hard to join different results from matches with a relatively small amount of shooters and get good trusted numbers. After European Championship 2013 the situation will be much more clear.

 - Q: I shot more than 2 Level III+ matches, but still can't find myself in rating?
 - A: Check if matches you participated in are in our match list and if yes, check spelling of your name. If your name has been misspelled, you can write us match name, wrong name and correct name. In future please check your name correctness on match registration.

About rating calculation algorithm

It is not a simple process, but here the shortest explanation we can make:

  1. We initialize the rating with the results of the last known World Shoot as most trusted and representative source.
  2. In the every subsequent match results we are looking for the set of "key shooters", whose results are already exists in the rating.
  3. We convert the particular match result for the each shooter to global rating percents. If shooter A has 80% from the current world leader in the global rating, and shooter C has 70% from shooter's B result in the local match, then we predict his global rating as 0.8*0.7 = 56%. Such calculations been made to the each of the "key shooters" and the average value been used.
  4. Current rating of the particular shooter is calculated as an average value between previous and predicted percents (so called "moving average").
  5. Every time we have a new rating leader we need to normalize all the data to the 0..100% basis.

The more match results processed for particular shooter (see the number in the last column of the rating table) - there is more trust for the rating result.

There can be some minor problems with the name recognition due to the fact, that if stats officer didn't use any kind of electronic match registration system (like MOS or MakeReady, for example) can easily make a mistype while entering the data for the match in the WinMSS software. We use very complex algorithm for eliminating doubles, but nothing is perfect. If you'll find such doubled results - write us, please.

Some other points:
 - Shooter's result can be high enough in the particular match, but if he's/she's performance was not good enough this can lead to decrease of the global rating.
 - Shooter A can beat shooter B in the particular match. But if shooter B beats A several times before that there no guarantee A will be higher than B in the global rating. This will depend on math, which eliminates sudden peaks of performance. The more consistently A will shoot better that B - the more higher results he/she will get.
 - Shooter can have 100% result in the local match and be the leader of the world rating, but poor performance against other top shooters can lead to rating points loss, or at least to the negative value in the "Last Match Performance" cell.
 - "Last Match Performance" column displays rating changes for the particular shooter before the normalization been taken place. It is not always equal the plain difference between the last rating value and the previous one.